Cheap Columbian Trip

Whether you’re working with a debt settlement family or you’ve got money to burn, Columbia makes for a great and inexpensive trip. If you’re looking to travel around the country you’ve got to hit up a few of these cities which can be had for cheap!
Cartagena: Whitewashed rock and beautiful architecture make this a city you can get lost in. Stroll around (it’s free!) and sample food from all over the country – hire a guide while you’re there for a small fee.
Medellin: It’s easily accessible by bus and it’s come a long way since the days of the drug trade. It’s the city of eternal spring which means there are acres and acres of flowers around every turn – head here for some real South American flavor.
The Amazon: The southern point of Leticia is a great starting point for a journey into the Amazon. It’s going to cost a bit to get here but the Amazon itself (as long as you don’t go too far in) is a great place to see some sights and smell some things you’ll have a hard time believing.

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