Hike The Beautiful Ancient Carved Terraces Of Ciudad Perdida (“Lost City”)

Hiking among the carved terraces of Cuidad Perdida, or “The Lost City” is an awe-inspiring experience. Cuidad Perdida was founded in approximately 800 A.D. and predates Machu Pichu by over 600 years. The Lost City was not rediscovered until 1972 by treasure hunters who happened across a set of some 1200 steps leading up to the city.

The Lost City has 169 terraces carved in the mountainside and a series of tiled roads and round plazas which span about 3,600 feet. The city can be accessed by a climb up 1,200 stone steps to the city’s only entrance. A trek to and among the terraces will take you through the jungle where days can get quite warm and nights quite cold. This helps explain it more. There are three native tribes you may encounter inhabiting the area the Arhuacos, the Arsarios, and the Koguis who still visit the site regularly.

Though the area had been closed to outside visitors for some years, it reopened to hikers in 2005. The carved terraces are both artistic and historic, and well worth your time and efforts to visit. A hike to the terraces takes approximately six days to complete, it is considered moderate in difficulty and requires good physical fitness.

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