Become A Student Of Colonial Architecture In Cartagena

Cartagena or there official name Cartagena de Indias was founded in 1533 and was a vital port for all traders in the Caribbean area. Gold and silver usually left the port there on its way to Europe and pirates would loot the port to steal it, so the city built a wall around the city to protect it. This provided a unique experience to the port city. But what stands out in Cartagena is the Colonial Architecture that lines the streets of the city. The Palacio de la Inquisicon is their prime example of this type of architecture. The Palace served as a tribunal “court” and would prosecute anyone the Church believed was a heretic. The place is filled with torture mechanisms and information is along the hallways talking explaining what happened here. Another example of the splendid Colonial design is the Case de marques Valdehoyos. This place was occupied by the famous Marqus de Valdehoyos who was the key person in importing flour and slaves to the city. Also the Church of Santo Domingo is a great display of Colonial design within the city. This Church is one of the oldest and most impressive architectural religious objects in the entire city. As you can see there are many Colonial Architecture to see and learn about in Cartagena, Columbia.

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